Review: Vicera Ceramic Knives from Japan


Vicera sent us a set of their ceramic Chef’s Knife, Santoku Knife, and Utility Knife to review over the past two weeks. We’ve been using these knives daily in our cooking, and compared to the Kyocera knives which we’ve been using – we simply like these knives better. They are dishwasher safe, and the white blade compared to the black ceramic blade of the Kyocera knives is much thinner and we think cuts a bit easier. We also like the handle on the Vicera knives a bit more as well – the texture on the handle makes it grippier.

These knives are not cheap, but then again when is a great knife cheap? You’re going to pay on average $59-$99 for these ceramic knives, and these should be thought of – IN ADDITION TO – the knives you’re using. Ceramic knives are not good for deboning or doing task where the knives could be pitted agains something hard. These knives however slice perfect slices of tomatoes and other vegetables.

You’re also not going to TASTE the knife – as the ceramic leaves no metal taste to delicate fish and other foods. We really like these knives, and a big thanks to Vicera for sending them to us for review.

  • Chef’s Knife – Customarily the preferred knife for most kitchen tasks, our 6-inch/ 16cm Chef’s Knife bears a classic design for general use. Made in Japan.
  • Santoku Knife – Slightly smaller than the Chef’s Knife, our 5.5-inch/ 14cm Santoku Knife is designed for those who want the virtues of a Chef’s Knife but seek a finer control over its use. Made in Japan
  • Utility Knife – Our 5-inch/ 13cm Utility Knife is designed for tasks too small for a Chef’s Knife and too large for a Paring Knife. The narrow blade is perfect for quick, routine cuts such as slicing sandwiches or pastries. Made in Japan.

At Vicera

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