Miele Hybrid vacuum cleaner


The new Miele Hybrid is the first vacuum cleaner equipped with lithium-ion batteries that offers total freedom of movement and an unlimited range. This high quality vacuum is the first compact cleaner to run effectively on AC or battery independently, alone with all the functionality. Thanks to the advanced technology you will never loose suction as the 1,800 watt motor runs smoothly with no interruption and no power loss. The efficient Miele Hybrid is ideal for cleaning stairs, mezzanines, curtains, car, garage, workshop and other ancillary areas which would be difficult to clean with either conventional corded or underpowered hand held vacuum.


The lightweight and powerful lithium-ion batteries are designed to last 10 years and recharge automatically when Miele Hybrid operates on AC. Alternatively, they can be independently charged in 3 hours. They provide up to 20 minutes of non stop cleaning, the time it takes to vacuum the car or clean some 22 small daily incidents, or 100 stair steps, or a surface of 80 square meters.


The Miele Hybrid is also protected against possible but unlikely overheating because of an accidental air stream blockage. The motor stops automatically once the temperature reaches certain limit and will only resume operating when it drops.



To provide the highest standards of cleaning, Hybrid comes equipped with an AirClean filter and the latest generation HyClean FJM bags with 9 levels of filtration for a truly impeccable hygiene. Compact, robust and manageable, this vacuum has 9 meter cleaning range, 3 multi-directional casters for complete freedom of movement, metal telescopic tube and 3 cleaning nozzles that are always at hand thanks to the VarioClip system. Maximum sound levels are capped at 77 dB and 69 dB, respectively for AC and battery operations. Finished in attractive silver, the compact Miele Hybrid weighs 6.3 kg and is expected to sell for € 770. Miele.

Miele vacuum cleaner from new S5 series Miele vacuum cleaners
Miele vacuum with SwivelNeck technology – S7 vacuum cleaners



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