Handheld vacuum cleaners – Rowenta Silence


Rowenta Silence handheld vacuum cleaners come in several models but the availability varies depending on geographical region. This rechargeable cordless vacuum cleaner is quite and powerful enough to do the job yet keep the noise to the very minimum. Equipped with ten 12 volt nickel cadmium batteries, the handheld cleaners can vacuum dust and spilled liquids for about 18 minutes before recharging. You can switch between 2 suctions powers, Turbo for floors and Mini for delicate surfaces, and alternate between extension nozzle designed for dust and scraper nozzle for liquids. Other main benefits include on/off trigger, specially designed soft area to reduce the noise on hard floor and protects tables, wall and table base, Soft Start to turn these handheld vacuum cleaners slowly especially with high voltage, charging indicator, comfortable soft handle and permanent washable filter. Rowenta.


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