T-fal Actifry – Frying With a Little Bit of Oil


We’ve featured the T-Fal Actifry in the past, and we really liked the promise of no-oil frying. The T-fal Actifry promises to fry your favorite foods using just 1 tbsp of oil – so there is oil in this frying method. The price is $300 – and it’s been out for about a year in the UK, and is now just hitting the US market.

What is the T-Fal Actifry? Basically, it’s a big nonstick pan equipped with a constantly rotating silicone stirrer. You load all the food into the pan, drizzle it with a relatively small amount of oil and then close the clear lid. The controls include just two buttons—one for on/off, one for a timer. Fired up, hot air blows around making it sound, as you might expect, like a weak hairdryer. The idea is that the air blows the oil around and cooks the food while the spatula keeps everything cooking evenly.

Click on through to Gizmodo for the rest of their review, but in the end the results were mixed.

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