Anvil America 8-Chicken Electric Rotisserie Oven – Feed a Family of 16 to 20


I got up this morning dreaming rotisserie chicken, and then thinking whether or not I could buy one that made more than 1 chicken for the kitchen. Well – it looks like the smallest you can get if you go above the 1-2 chicken size is 8 chickens. This roaster cooks eight three pound chickens in two hours at 350 degrees farhanheit. It has a removable full size base drip tray for easy cleaning, and glass in the front and rear for excellent point of sale – not a big selling point for our kitchen, but I get it. We’re thinking this is overkill, but you never know – if you have a family of maybe 16-20 this might not be overkill.

At Anvil America CGA8008 8-Chicken Electric Rotisserie Oven

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