SEBO Felix vacuum cleaner


SEBO vacuum cleaners can furnish quite an impressive list of references from the professionals who clean the homes of rich and famous. From the White House in Washington, to Buckingham Palace in London, to the famous Adlon hotel in Berlin, the German engineered, reliably designed, easy to use and exceptionally functional SEBO is well known for its high level of quality, and is a sign of vacuuming excellence. In the U.S. market, SEBO Felix vacuum cleaner is available in Classic, Fun and Ice Blue models, all of which combine the versatility of a canister with the convenience of an upright, while their advanced sealed filtration system makes SEBO Felix perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers.

The self-propelled Felix is extremely easy to use and thanks to its hospital-grade S-class filtration system, it captures dust, mold, and pollen with 99.9% effectiveness down to 0.3 microns. Equipped with variable power controls, turning swivel neck and detachable suction unit which is ideal for cleaning stairs, car interiors, or upholstery, this SEBO vacuum cleaner is especially beneficial for homes with a combination of carpeting and hardwood floors.


Felix also comes with totally sealed, 3-step certified SEBO clean air filtration system. First, debris is picked up by the power brush agitation and vacuum suction, and moved up and into the 3-layer filter bag for the main debris collection. Then, suctioned air moves through the entire dust bag and into a motor protection filter located underneath the filter bag. Finally, the electrostatic exhaust filter cleans the air the vacuum emits.


Keeping a low profile often shields you from trouble, and SEBO Felix does it for you. When flat, it is reduced to a height under 6″, allowing you to reach underneath the bed and other furniture.


Convenient, ergonomically shaped carrying handle feels right in either hand, big and small. While vacuuming with the integrated hose handle, you can easily switch the SEBO Felix to your other hand. And at less than 10 lbs, the Felix is comfortable either way.


Among other main benefits and features of this SEBO vacuum are,
– easily changeable bag with hygienic seal so that no dust can escape
– electrostatic micro-exhaust filter cleans the air and suppresses motor noise
– extremely quiet operation
– telescopic handle with adjustable height for easy use, storage, and carrying
– protective handle bumper to prevent wall damage
– lifetime fiberglass-woven toothed power brush gear belts
– handle slide stopper and power cord wrap
– instant use hose for hard-to-reach corners, edges, and crevices
– thermal cut out protects motor from overheating
– ergonomic adjustable-height handle with power control
– quick-release cord on a hook saves you time
– quick-release brush head for easy removal
– large 35 foot operating radius
– 5-year warranty on motor and parts

SEBO Felix vacuum cleaner sells from approximately $450 to $800, depending on the model.

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