QOOQ – Recipe and Kitchen Computer


The QOOQ is a kitchen computer and it comes with 10 recipes from chefs on video, and you might as well know up front – currently it’s in French only. QOOQ also can connect to the internet over the Ethernet or Wifi, and you can even subscribe to monthly updates for more recipes on video. There is also a meal planner and a shopping list maker that will also help before the cooking. Oddly enought QOOQ doesn’t have an Internet Browser, but it can be used to update recipes, get weather information, internet radio stations, and can also be used as a digital picture frame.

Sounds perfect for our kitchen, though currently we’ve been enjoying our Squeezbox Radio. Also – it’s tough to make the transition to a device that stores recipes when all of our recipes are snipped from Cooking Light, and other magazines. Time will tell if the kitchen computer catches on, but if they can bridge the gap and get our offline recipes online – we’ll be a taker.

Via Coolest Gadgets at QOOQ

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