Eco dishwasher – Candy Futura Eco 10


Candy Futura Eco 10 is the eco dishwasher that belongs to the Candy line called Ecological Energy-Efficient Kitchen Appliances or 3EKA. This green line appliance uses as little as 10 liters of water. The Candy dishwasher is designed to make your life easier and give back the pleasure of cooking and having guests at home. It was designed because of ever present need to increase interior space for maximum freedom, simplicity and convenience in loading of dishes while keeping outside dimensions to the minimum. This Eco dishwasher offers 15 place settings thanks to its innovative adjustable system of baskets, the Form-Flex that takes optimal load at any time. The lower SelfFit basket is strongly waved allowing robust and powerful washing, and is capable of taking 25 kg of dirty dishes and due to the absence of internal grids, you can wash large pans, pots and salad bowls. New Candy hydraulic system was revamped to generate the best cleaning performance yet requires minimum of water. The Power Center, located on the wall of bath combined with the specially shaped wash arms and extremely efficient water heater, ensure that washing jets generate high pressure wash and are able to reach everywhere. Water flow equal to 56 liters per minute is filtered, circulated and sprayed on the dishes for an excellent performance. The top extra large basket of this Eco dishwasher has 10% higher capacity than your average basket and is height adjustable and easy to load. The new detergent dispenser is positioned in the center and is easy to fill with any detergent.

The Touch & Go control panel allows quick and simple program selection. Main features and programs of the ‘A’ rated Eco dishwasher from Candy include,
– memory function
– Smart Sensor system that picks the most suitable washing program depending on amount of dirt, then accommodates water and detergent consumption, temperature and cycle length as washing progresses
– One Hour Class ‘A’ perfect for washing 8 place settings
– Sanitizing that performs washing at 75°C with antibacterial action, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria
– Fast 32 which is useful for washing a small amount of dishes in just half an hour
– Eco-bio, a perfect wash with minimum consumption of all resources

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