ClearDome Octagon Parabolic Solar Cooker


This solar cooker looks like it can not only bake bread, but also cook large roasts. The ClearDome Octagon Parabolic Solar Cooker features an 8-sided, deep-tapered parabolic concentrator that uses a 95.5% reflective SolaReflex AA mirror surface consisting of weather-resistant anodized aluminum.

  • The Octagon Parabolic Solar Cooker is fully adjustable to all angles of the sun for more consistent heating all day long.
  • The concentrated, reflected sunlight completely covers an 11″ cooking pot with over 350 degrees F of midday dry heat, making it ideal for cooking all types of food, including fresh-baked bread. Fried or scrambled eggs will cook in about 12 minutes, while 2-3 pound roasts will be well done and browned in about 60-75 minutes of full midday sunlight.
  • The Octagon Parabolic cooker is very lightweight at only six pounds and is weatherproof even in salt-air environments. Easy to set up and use, it is collapsible to 12″ for portability.

An optional clear polycarbonate domed pot cover for boiling water and baking bread is also available. Although the cover will reduce solar irradiation by 8-10%, it comes in handy on days when it is windy and/or cold.

At ClearDome Octagon Parabolic Solar Cooker

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