Sinks and Faucets


There are many new looks and styles for sinks that depart from the typical bowl configuration.

Newer designs include geometrically shaped sinks made from glass, and stainless steel sinks with long, narrow stream-shaped basins.

A distinctive, contemporary sink gives a stylish flair and becomes a striking attraction in your kitchen, while still remaining functional. There are just a few things to consider when selecting a kitchen sink.

Size and Shape

Sink sizes range from S to XXL, so there’s a model to fit every kitchen. If space is an issue or if you want something really different, a corner sink could provide a stylish solution.


Many sink units contain different sized bowls and compartments, so you can store, clean and drain foods in different areas of the sink at the same time, which is a useful feature if you are a keen cook. Some sinks are traditionally styled while other have features such as pull-out sprays that allow you to wash items and surfaces outside of the main bowl.

Bowl Size and Draining Area

Choosing the size of bowl you need all depends on what accessories you use. If you regularly need to wash bulky items, you may need a sink with a larger than average bowl or a draining area which can be flooded to allow large items such as baking trays to soak.

Waste Disposal

Finally, think about whether you need a waste disposal unit. Most sinks can have this feature, but you may not need it or you may recycle the waste that some people throw out.


For some people, the faucets are seen as an afterthought. However, for others they can set the tone of a room, as well as providing a base for choosing and building the rest of a room’s d├ęcor around.

The choices of faucets are almost limitless and the prices vary greatly. In fact, you are limited only by your budget. For those on a tight budget there are many options to choose from, and homeowners looking for expensive and luxurious fittings to complete a certain look to their home are well catered for too.

It is essential to buy a reputable brand of faucet, however. There are a number of top brands available on the market today, and the benefits associated with buying these brands include well designed and constructed products, ease of repair and maintenance, and availability of replacement parts. Top brands include Hansgrohe, Kohler, Grohe and KWC.

American faucet designers, such as Delta, American Standard and Moen, tend to produce pieces that are created to suit the majority of buyers and are styled more conservatively, whereas European designers, such as Grohe, KWC and Franke, produce more creative pieces with an artistic flair to them.

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